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More than 20 years serving the hotel industry leaders

For many of us, recruitment is the art of matching a job profile to a specific environment-  whether it is a hotel or restaurant opening, reorganization, modernizing, change of a business concept or decreasing activity.
At ITC Development, 20 years of recruitment consultancy, with more than 1000 candidates placed in some of the major brands of the sector, brings in a strong conviction and belief : recruiting is not only harmonizing a profile to an organization but above all having the candidate’s aspirations and skills linked to that organization. 
Recruiting is also allowing the candidates to position themselves effectively on the labour market as regards wages ,  training and experience …
1200 placements of candidates
90 % Our placement success rate of candidates (after 6 months)
More of 300 references in Hospitality Industry
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*The breakdown of our recruitment


A priori

Here is a rundown of a few generally accepted ideas on head hunting and recruitment

Drawing on its 22 years of experience, ITC Development has always been at the forefront of innovative change within its field, especially in headhunting.Through our network of friends and our extensive knowledge of the hospitality sector, we check the career paths (backgrounds…). Moreover, the networks like Facebook, linkedin or Viadeo can be effective weapons for crossing informations.
On average, the recruitment (with ITC Development) takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete.
This is not true. First, it is not a luxury : the recruitment is guaranteed and the cost  is reasonable. Secondly, the independent companies make 40% of our turnover.  Query us ! We will be happy to assist you.
When searching for executives, our first priority is to get to know our customers intimately, with the purpose to become familiar with their culture, management style, market segments and their history.
Although we possess a strong candidacy bank, our expertise being headhunting, we seek and find candidates wherever they are. Head hunting is not only reserved for senior executives.
In recent years, many people without experience or training have improvised headhunters relying on social networks. Our consultants are well known and identified in the hospitality industry and all are from higher education. More than 25 years at the top, it’s not a coincidence.


Our values


  • Hospitality is a gateway to the world, a dynamic field that is open to the rest of the world and facing the future head on.
  • In Hospitality industry, “People First”: the sole criterion for selection is the suitability of any applicant for the job regardless of ethnic origin, religion, sex, marital status or disablement.
  • Passion : for us, is not only are the right professional skills crucial, but passion and optimism
  • Kindness : We are sensitive to the kindness of the people.
  • We advise the client (We make a statement on the compatibility of the candidate with the function, team and company culture, with a final recommendation, suitable or unsuitable for the function) but in the final analysis, it’s the client who’s going to decide who they’re going to hire
  • Company managers cannot demand almost irrational loyalty from employees when they themselves are disloyal ( i.e.the manager fails to meet its commitments)
  • Candidate : You have to be able to become a smaller part of something that you hope will become a success story, as opposed to being a big part of a failure
  •  Candidate : Pay is certainly a factor, but in many cases, it should not be the only motivator

The Team

Paris Dubai Geneva Bamako

The Team

Since 1995, ITC Development became one of the most important companies of Recruitment and Consulting for Luxury Hospitality Industry. ITC has a one and only ambition : to become the meeting place for Human Resources in Hospitality Industry. Our strong working relation with some of the greatest Hotels, allows us to count amongst our customers or candidates, people who have greatly contributed to the culturel and economic dimension of human endeavour everywhere. I would also like to thank our personal assistants, Elise d’Hauricourt and Agnès Bekaria, who made ITC Development possible.

West Africa


Paris & Dubai

After obtaining her MBA Tourism and Services (University of Perpignan, France), Koty joined Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako (Republic of Mali) as a Guest relation Manager. In 2016, she was appointed  Director of Human Resources and Training at Radisson Blu Abidjan Airport (Republic of Cote d’Ivoire). Koty is a recruitment and Training specialist in Hospitality. She is fluent in French, English, Arabic, Spanish and Bambara.
Agnès, Human Resources graduate, has worked for more than 12 years alongside Patrick Laborieux D. Her specialty is to identify “the high potentials “.She is the linchpin in our team.
Graduated from a “Grande Ecole” (H.E.C. and Arts et Métiers, D.E.A.), Patrick Laborieux Delorme has worked with numerous players  of Hospitality Industry : he has accompanied them on their career path. After serving as Financial and HR manager in several hotel groups, in 1995, Patrick created ITC Development.  Working  regularly with several professional newspapers, he has a wide range of publications and he is the author of four professional books devoted to Human Resources and Social Law (“Practice of Payroll in Hospitality and Catering Industry”, editions L’Hôtellerie “Practice of Personnel Management in HCR”, editions l’Hôtellerie “Personnel Management in Hospitality and Catering Industry” NeoRestauration editions, “Palaces and Management” ITC editions).
Patrick has been part-time teacher at the University of Pantheon Assas in Paris (Master’s Degree in Labor Relations). He was also the initiator and director of various vocational integration programmes for socially vulnerable groups with the support of the French Ministry of Employment  (the primary purpose of these programmes was the access to hotel work).  Patrick has inspired many service companies in our  sector of activity (ExcelPlace with the entrepreneur Maxime Ledieu, Le Journal des Palaces with Sylvie Leroy or ITC Pay ).
First of all, Talal is an international Training Expert and  a Top Human Resources Director  (Coach Trainer certified by Hilton, former teacher and Director of the “London School of Law” of Mauritius) :  since 2002, Talal has held the position of Human Resources Director in several companies (Hilton, Sheraton, Meridien, Ramada and Sofitel) in Europe, North Africa and Middle East (Mauritius, Paris, Algiers, Abu Dhabi, Dubai…),. Former regional Human Resources Director, now, her major competence lies within training, recruiting and headhunting of senior executives in Dubai. Perfectly bilingual, he has developed several tailored training programs for Hospitality Industry (Quality service, Communication, Management…).


Your succes is mine

Our References, what else ?

Since 1995, ITC Development became one of the most important consulting companies with more of 300 references in Hospitality : Hilton, Intercontinental, Accor, Marriott, Ritz Paris, Carlton, Relais et Chateaux, Sheraton, Meridien, Westin, Alliance Hospitality, La Cigale … 
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