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Head Hunting
You can only survive as a company  in the heat of competition if you have the best team – right through the company. Then, you are an Operations Manager and you foresee the recruitment of an individual  or a group of workers for your hotel, restaurant or catering ?
Your continuous drive toward excellence in quality means that only the best applicants are selected to join your pool of professional staff ?
 Then, do not hesitate any more and contact us now. Nothing must distract our attention from the only relevant objective in recruitment: that of quality, of excellence.
Discover all the easy-to-follow steps ( briefly described below ) for achieving a successfull recruitment
Hotel & Restaurant opening
Step One – Business analysis
Listening, recognizing the needs of our clients : number of seats, type of restaurant (classic, french, italian, modern, fine dining, brasserie, lounge…) or hotel (boutique, business, resort, 4*, 5*…), commercial target, average daily rate, average price ‘à la carte’, number of rooms, annual occupancy rate, turnover forecast…
Step Two – Manning Guide
ITC Development uses the previous client’s data to establish the number of recruitments per position (Employees and Management), the salary scale, the various types of employment contracts, the  organisation of working time  and  the payroll cost.
Step Three – Recruitment
After the  client validation, we take on all or a part of the recruitment.

Head Hunting & Recruitment

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4 differences between Headhunter and Recruitment agency !

1. Candidates
Headhunters and recruitment agencies typically search for different types of candidates. A recruitment agency looks for positions for active job seekers. On the other hand, a headhunter usually focuses on finding candidates who are not actively seeking new jobs. They look for hard to find candidates who are the perfect fit for a specific role.
2. Process
The process of finding and matching candidates with job opportunities is handled differently among headhunters than it is through recruitment agencies. For example, a recruitment agency typically places ads to find candidates and maintains an extensive candidate database from which to pull qualified candidates as opportunities arise. Headhunters work a bit differently. When a headhunter receives an order for a specific position, he or she searches the entire market (including people who aren’t currently looking for new jobs) to find the best candidate at that moment in time.
3. Positions
Since recruitment agencies typically work with a number of companies to fill their recruiting needs, they often look for candidates with broad skills who can fill a variety of positions as needed.However, since headhunters look for candidates to fill very specific positions, they usually search for people with highly specialized skill sets.
4. Roles
As mentioned in #3, a recruitment agency works with multiple companies and usually needs to fill a large number of roles. Headhunters search for candidates for very specialized roles, executive roles, and jobs that are hard to fill. As such, they usually fill a small number of roles at a time.

01. The customer’s request

Listening, recognizing the needs of our customers and seeking solutions to their problems is an exciting activity that concerns us all, each staff member.

02. The client’s needs

Definition of  the profile for the ideal candidate (salary level, type of contract, experience, initial education…)

03. The recruitment agreement

Email transmission of the Recruitment Agreement to our Client.Upon receipt of a signed submission, we will start the recruitment task. Terms of Payement : single payment or payment in three instalments. Guarantee of the candidates’ substitution during the initial trial run.

04. Interviews &  list of the successful applicants

After careful analysis and a thoroughly checking candidates’ references, we have individual interviews. We recorded and transcribed each interview and synthetized the results.The dossiers of preselected candidates by us are forwarded to our Client (with the attached summary).

05. Client’s choice

The successful candidates were interviewed by the client. Shortly after, a debriefing is organized with our client. The selected candidate is informed by the Client.

06. End of the mission

The mission successfully ended with the hiring of the candidate. The invoice is issued on that date.


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We’re With You At Every Step !

«A successful recruitment is not only getting the right person in the right job with the right skills at the right time. A successful recruitment is a mix of a personality and a competence, an individual who meets both a position and a corporate culture»

01. The customer’s request

Listening, recognizing the needs of our customers and seeking solutions to their problems is an exciting activity that concerns us all, each staff member.

02. Our services

Payroll analysis, Implementation of a salary and wages policy for the staff on the basis of a salary and wages grid, Harmonization and Restructuring of Pay Grids
Organizational Audit and Plan to reduce staff (drawdown plan)
Implementation of individual and collective redundancy proceedings, economical or not, social plans, job protection
Mass recruitment (in case of opening), Jobs profiles (competency profiles) & job descriptions

03. The service agreement

Email transmission of the Service Agreement to our Client.Upon receipt of a signed submission, we will start the mission. Terms of Payement : single payment or payment in two instalments.

04. Client’s choice

Submission of the audit report
Implementation of the proposed action plan (validated by our client)
Follow up on any action points that were agreed with the client at the meeting

05. End of the mission

Control of results
End of the mission

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